Student Engagement Committee

The Engineering Alumni Society, through the Student Engagement Committee, collaborates with student organizations at SEAS providing alumni contacts for student events. Currently, the Student Engagement Committee is organizing a series of networking dinners with alumni and the student groups. In previous years, career panels were held. The Committee is also exploring arranging talks with alumni and holding more career events. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at


The Engineering Alumni Society works with Penn Engineering Career Services to provide mentors to first-year undergraduate students. Throughout the year, alumni also invite students to their workplaces for an externship experience. If you're interested in participating, please find more information here:

Senior Design Competition

Each year, the Penn Engineering Alumni Society sponsors a Senior Design Project Competition for undergraduate engineering seniors at Penn Engineering. This competition assembles together the winning senior design project teams from each of Penn’s engineering majors. Each of these design teams presents their accomplishments to a panel of “real world” judges who collectively represent a diverse set of technology disciplines. Click here to learn more about this great event.

Insider's guide: Transition from School to Work Panel

Hear from alumni during this panel discussion, where they will highlight tips and tricks to adjust in a variety of industries and positions including large public companies, consulting firms, startups and more.

Patent Forum

The Engineering Alumni Society organizes and hosts a biannual forum dedicated to providing all University students and alumni a simple look at patents. It brings together speakers from Comcast, Johnson & Johnson, Penn Center for Innovation, and top law firms to explain the basic content of a patent, discuss careers in patent law, how patent licensing works and the University's patent policy. After an hour-long presentation on these topics, the forum is opened to answer any questions from attendees.

The Benefits of Professional Licensure Seminar

The EAS Board hosts a biannual presentation open to all engineering students on the topic of licensure as a Professional Engineer. The seminar includes answers to questions such as "What is professional
licensure?"; "What benefits do licensed professionals enjoy?"; and "How does one become licensed?" The seminar is given by members of the Engineering Alumni Society who are licensed professionals, with supplemental information in the form of brochures and videos provided by the National Society of Professional Engineers."