Think back to your days in the Engineering School…

  • That Friday morning 9am class on the 4th floor of Moore
  • Finishing up your senior design project
  • Late nights in the Towne computer labs

Are you tired of trying to explain your Penn experiences to others?

Salvation is here! The Engineering Alumni Society is a group of alumni who share many of your same experiences. This vibrant group is a great way to stay involved with Penn, to help keep your memories alive and to create new ones with fellow SEAS Alumni!

There are many ways to stay involved! Please let us know how you’d like to contribute.

The Engineering Alumni Society is a great way to:

  • Network with other SEAS Alumni
  • Enrich the experiences of current students
  • Stay in touch with fellow classmates
  • Give something back to the Engineering School
  • Mentor a current Engineering student
  • Stay in touch with the University and the Engineering School

For Penn Engineering Alumni Society Board opportunities contact Bradley Richards, Director of SEAS Alumni Relations at